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TENOIR TV is a streaming service that features original programming rich in culture, lifestyle and perspective. 

At a time when people are cancelling their cable provider, more and more households are streaming their content of choice.


160M homes

TENOIR TV is available in 160M households from Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Also available in the Apple and Google stores. 


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TENOIR TV is positioned to rank as the number one network for diverse and inclusive programming. Targeting millennials (23 – 39 years of age), this group is the largest ethnically and racially diverse adult generation in the nation’s history. [Pew Research] Lifestyles vary greatly among this group; acceptance is valued.

Engagement with this group is largely through digital means and, as such, engagment with content is quick-paced. Methods require reflective positioning to drive deeper connection and loyalty. Alignment with TENOIR TV is recognizing and committing to the rich culture of this nation.

A group of young Indians hugging during the Holi Festival, in Jaipur India.

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We are looking to align our programming with brands who share in our values – Diversity, Vision, and Authenticity.

Our audience fall in a highly sought after income segment and require discerning and exclusive partners.

An authentic commitment to change and culture is necessary as it is our mission to educate on the beauty of our differences and provide therapy to those who  have been without a voice for too long.




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Our ambassadors demonstrate a commitment to diversity like no other segment. These content creators have vision that set trends in modern culture. This is a specific perspective with influence. Do you have a unique vision?



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TENOIR TV’s 2nd annual film festival will stream from our platform. Sponsor dozens of great films, events, and gifts for highly-sought industry insiders and  social influencers.

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We are a network dedicated to advancing the narratives and highlighting the unique perspectives of people of color, various ethnic backgrounds, and diverse lifestyles.

Content that inspires, with this spirit, are great partners for TENOIR TV.









  • 25 – 50 years of age
  • First-generation American
  • Consumes news through social media
  • Patronizes ethnic fooderies
  • Shops online 
  • Watches 85% of programming online


Millennials  move quickly and with purpose. TENOIR TV is at the forefront of that move.

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