december 3 – 5, 2020



“Tattoo Life” is a docuseries that takes an unprecedented look at tattoos and the motivation behind the art. Director Gil Rios created the concept in 2013 as a hobby but decided to re-launch the series. This series delves deep into tattoos that were once considered taboo and remained underground; tattoos that have crossed religious and professional lines and can be found on business men and street gang members. Despite tattoos exponential popularity, it is frowned upon in some professions, cultures and religious practices. The stories are all gripping, compassionate, exciting, sad or funny and from all walks of life. 



Shorts Preview: Mickey Hardaway, directed by Marcellus Cox (left) and “Method”, directed by Lomai 

Featured films

Alexis Stackhouse is the director of “House Blend” and a 4th year student at Syracuse University with an inclination for darker genres and world cinema. In this thriller, Summer, a spiritual healer, experiences bizarre happenings after receiving a bottle of wine.

Stars Jerry Stackhouse, Antonio Stackhouse, Nicki Gross, and Ramirra Stackhouse.


Right: Parents and filmmaker Gil Rios embark on a journey to bring awareness to children living with unidentifiable disabilities. This important documentary is to ensure services and assistance  required by children with UD are received.